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In 2008 BeiJing Olympic Game, Czech shot athlete Katrina Emmons won the first gold medal of this game. People all over the world were much impressed by the Czech translation conveyed between the athlete and the press media.

Since then people all know that there are many language vendors who can provide profound CZECH Translation services, and CCJK Technologies is one of the most competent providers!

Czech Language Introduction
Czech language (čeština) is a branch of Slavic family. In ancient Czech, people used to speak Church Slavic, Latin or Deutsch, and in the late thirteenth century, there appeared real Czech literatures. In the fifteenth century, Jan Hus launched a religion revolution campaign, which established the spelling rules for Czech, and brought a significant impact to other Slavic languages.

Czech language is one of the official language of previous Czechoslovakia, it’s similar to, and mutually intelligible with Slovak. On the 1st day of 1993, Czechoslovakia was officially split into 2 countries: The Czech Republic and The Slovak Republic, so Czech consequently became the national and official language of The Czech Republic.

Czech is widely spoken by most inhabitants in the Czech Republic, and there are about 12 million native speakers.

Current Czech idioms has 42 letters, which consists of 14 vowels (others say only 10 vowels), 27 consonants, and 3 diphthongs, some of letters have upper symbols. The primary stress is always fixed to the first syllable the word. It’s not easy for foreigners to learn Czech because some words do not have vowels, most of foreign visitors to the country usually need Czech translation services.

Czech Alphabet Czech Translation

How to say Everyday phrases in Czech translation

Interested in studying Czech language? Here are some everyday Czech phrases:

English Czech Translation Comments Chinese
Czech český Pronunced like “cheskee”. 捷克语
English anglický Pronunced like “anglitskee”. 英语
Hello! (“Good day!”) Dobrý den Pronunced like “dobree den”. The most common formal greeting used from morning until late afternoon, equivalent of the English “Good morning” and “Good afternoon”. 您好
Hi! Ahoj! / Čau! / Nazdar! Pronunced like “ah-hoy”.”Ahoj” is the most common informal greeting used between friends. “Čau” is more informal than “Ahoj”. “Nazdar” is a less common informal greeting. 嗨!
How are you? Jak se máš? (informal) / Jak se máte? (formal) Pronunced like “jak se mash”. 你好吗?
Good bye! Na shledanou! Formal greeting used when parting 再见
Thank you Děkuji Pronounced something like DAKE-wee, DIK-wee, or DAK-wee depending on where you are . . 谢谢
Yes ano / jo (coll.) Pronunced like “ah-noh”, Ano is often shortened to no, sometimes resulting in cross-language confusion.
No ne Pronunced like “neh”. Fairly straightforward and direct. 不/否
Please. / You’re welcome. Prosím Pronunced like “pro-seem”. Possibly the most useful word in Czech. It means: 1) Please, 2) Here you are, 3) You’re welcome, 4) What did you say?, 5) I’ll have … and can generally be used in times of doubt.
Pardon. Excuse me. I am sorry. Promiňte Pronunced like “promintey”. 对不起

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CCJK Resources for Czech translation

CCJK Technologies has profound knowledge and experience in Czech translations, and has established a strategic partnership alliance with many native Czech translators, language institutes and colleges/universities. All Czech translators and reviewers are native speakers with at least 5 years of professional experience and are quite fluent in both English and their mother-tongue languages. Their profound knowledge in both languages will be a great asset to any translation project.

CCJK Technologies also developed a comprehensive Czech Translation Style Guide, Glossary, and TM (Translation Memory), and we have already translated millions of words from English to Czech, Czech to Chinese, and vice versa.

Frankly, we are seriously worried about the quality of translations provided by some other Czech translation providers, because we have been able to find many errors from their portfolios, which apparently represent their highest level of quality.

As you may know, there is an accuracy rate of around 50% to 60% for English <> Czech translations done by machines or software application, due to the basically equivalent grammar and expressions between the two languages.

Therefore it is some vendors’ practice to do initial translations by machine, and then make some changes as necessary by a human translator. The readers may experience the text as “mechanical”, awkward and in short of literary grace when reading such kind of machine translations.

But poor translations will put you in embarrassing situations and will present your company in a bad light. If your clients complain about bad quality and wrong translations, you might end up loosing your clients.

CCJK never uses machine translations to save time and manpower, we promise our clients that their projects will be translated and edited 100% by our human translators and reviewers to assure top quality.

CCJK Technologies, your reliable Czech Translation provider!

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