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Czech (Česká republika) is a landlocked countries of Central Europe, the population is about 10.52 million, the official language of the Czech Republic Translation is for the Czech,

Czech belongs to Slavonic family language, and the members including Slovak language, Polish, Pomeranian language, Sorbian, Silesia language. Czech language population of 12 million people, most of them are living in the Czech Republic.

Czech language has 42 letters, and there are 4 major dialect in the Czech Republic, Hana, Lech, Moravia. In Czech, “q”, “w”, this two letters generally do not appear, but using “kv”, “v”. instead. And “x” and “g” are generally used as a Loanwords. The Czech Republic has a population of 10 million, and there are about one million Czech living around the world, of which 20-30 million people using the Czech language

there are about 40 two letters in today’s Czech language, which has 14 vowels and 27 consonants, and one pair of letters, some letters has the diacritics in the Latin alphabet . And there are three major dialects: in the Czech Republic dialects, Hana dialect and Lech dialects, as well as a Moravian transition dialect area; the other common language used in the Czech Republic are, Slovak, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Czech.

With the development of economy and tourism, it’s become more and more important to handle the Czech language Translation problem, our CCJK as a professional translation company, are trying our best to solve the language barrier build a communication bridge during the business life.

To provide best service for our clients, we always keep this tenet in mind when managing projects.  We know the quality is of paramount importance. In order to ensure the quality, we are strict with every step: pre-translation, editing, proofreading, typesetting etc, try our best to satisfy our clients.

I believe through unremitting efforts and sincere attitude, we can have the confidence of each client and build a long term relationship

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