CCJK offers website translation and localization service which would be of a great help to your global business.

In this article, I will explain some points of how we do to make out client satisfied.

1. Not only translation, it’s localization!

I saw many pages translated from English to Chinese, even though it contains lots of Chinese character, but we still can tell that it’s a FOREIGN Website.

You know, website does not consist of words only, a website can be as huge as you can image, even beyond your imagination, Facebook is larger than many really existed country…

I’m here to say that website are made from many element, when we are doing translation and localization, we cannot only translate the words only, we here CCJK consider many element that would help your website localized.

Fonts, images, icons, buttons, interface…etc, these maybe not as critical as text to a website translation, but it does differ a website from foreign to local.

2. Every code (html, php…etc) in perfect order

When doing Website Translation and Localization, we are dispatching qualified website project manager to charge this case.

There is no need for you to worry about hard-communication and you webpage code.

The files we deliver to you are well examined and tested, just upload the page, and your localized website is on.

3. Following up services?

If you want to do business in China, only website localization seems not be able to meet your expectation.

In many cases, the following SEO, website promotion etc. are also needed for our customer, in CCJK, we can take over this all!

the real ONE-STOP service for you website.

Our Philosophy & Quality Assurance

Every website is built rightly so, every website has even better top reasons to get localized. The philosophy guiding CCJK’s website localization projects is solidly founded on its unswerving quest for specific marketing needs from the client. To ensure that you fulfill the pre-assigned destiny of a website, the localizer should pay extra focus on the cultural and marketing context while localizing it into another language version.
One major mission that localization strives to offer would be to break the cultural barrier apart from the language one. Driven by the functional needs, mostly marketing, a website can only break over the target group’s interior psychological guard if it gains the cultural recognition and gets seen as part of their community. Which is where further strategic marketing begins!

Why Choose Us?

Professional Linguistics for translation

While doing website localization, we should take culture, language, custom,etc. into consideration, a right linguistic is much helpful to the whole project. In CCJK, we only assign job to proper expert translator also with technic supported by us.

Any Language

With huge talent pool in CCJK, we are capable of localizing various types of websites into most world languages.

Punctual Delivery

Being aware punctual delivery means to the consumer, CCJK has kept a solid record of punctuality in delivering many website localization projects.

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