Since nuclear leakage caused by earthquake and tsunami happened in Japan, a panic had been caused worldwide. A false rumor that iodized salt can protect people against nuclear radiation makes Chinese people crazily purchase the salt.

Last night I read a piece of amusing news online: hearing a false rumor a woman snapped up 200 kg of salt which will be enough to support a household for 30 years. Ridiculous? It sure is!

Compared to the Japanese people who suffered from the disaster could still act in a calm and well-ordered way; we really have to reflect on ourselves. Most of the time, we rebuke Japanese people for their behavior, some even deny everything from Japan.

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We have to admit, willing or unwilling, that we still have a long way to get to level of their quality. Even facing the death and suffering from losing their loved ones, they can still maintain their position: wait in order to get water and make calls; only get the necessities when the supermarket offered items for free; take away their rubbish anytime anywhere; top priority is given to the children and women…

Although this panic caused by salt put down immediately by the government, we cannot be sure such kind of things will never happen again. We should not ask the government to shoulder all the responsibilities. Unlike the natural disaster, the man-made disaster can be evitable provided:

Our People Should Try to Cultivate Self-Analysis and Remain calm when Facing Unexpected Situations.

If you remain calm and leveraged your self-analysis when people were snapping up the salt, this panic and ridicule story would not happen. As we all know, having too much salt will do harm to our health. The intake from our daily meals will be enough. At the same time, the salt supply in our country is no need to worry about.

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The ones who Attempted to make Exorbitant Profits from incidents or Disasters by Driving up the Price of items should be Punished Severely.

There are always certain groups that want to make large sums of money by driving up the price of commodities when people are trapped by incidents or disasters. In this case, new previsions should be made to severely punish these behaviors.

The Government Should try to Educate our People with the Knowledge of how to Handle Emergencies and raise their Profile.

Instead of shouldering all the challenges by itself, the government should try to spread the basic emergency-dealing knowledge to the masses. Furthermore, it should improve its image so that its people can pure their faith on it in critical moments.

I believe under the cooperation of all parties, we can respond to the emergency more effectively.