Vending machine uses facial recognition to deny you snacks


Now it’s no longer your mom reminding you not to eat that Twinkie. A new vending machine uses facial recognition technology to deny would-be snackers from buying certain foods that don’t fit their personal profile.

这台名为Luce X2的自动售货机带有一个触摸屏。经过编程,它可以识别使用者的身份,并记住他们的饮食偏好,甚至还可以识别出使用者的年龄、医疗记录以及在自动售货机上的历史购买记录。如果使用者购买的零食不符合他们的健康状况,Luce X2将会拒绝出售。

The Luce X2 Touch TV vending machine can be programmed to identify users and remember their snack preferences–even accessing their age, medical records and vending purchase histories, writes the Telegraph. If the user’s snack choice doesn’t fit their profile, the Luce X2 won’t dispense the item.

近日,Smart VendSolutions公司在英国将Luce X2公诸于众。该公司称,这台经过编程的机器不会向孩子们出售香烟,也不会向医院的患者出售含有盐分和糖分的食物。同时,也不会帮助节食的人“犯罪”。

Smart Vend Solutions, a creator of the Luce X2, just unveiled the machine in U.K., and says it can be programmed to keep children from buying cigarettes, hospital patients away from salty or sugary foods and keep dieters on track.

SmartVend Solutions公司的马尔科姆•斯坦达格(Malcolm Standage)在接受《电讯报》采访时表示,这台机器将重新定义自动零售业。据他所言,这台首部全方位覆盖面部识别技术机器的投放使用代表了科技的进步。这将会给全英国的商业以及消费者带来长久的利益。

Malcolm Standage, from Smart Vend Solutions, told the Telegraph that this could redefine the automatic retailing industry.“Launching the very first full production facial recognition technology represents an advancement which will bring unlimited benefits to businesses and consumers across the U.K,” he said.


This isn’t the first time facial recognition has been used in vending machines. This summer, Coca-Cola tested the use of a similar machine in Australia that collected sales and interacted with users by way of a digital LED screen and integrated camera. And software giant SAP also has their own version of a smart vending machine that dispense anything from food, to drinks, to electronics.


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