Wristwatch means you can nod off without missing the TV


After Christmas lunch with all the trimmings and, perhaps, a couple of glasses of port, it is inevitable that sitting down in front of the television will result in an unintended nap.But enjoying a snooze on Christmas Day will no longer mean missing your favourite programme thanks to a wristwatch-style device that will record it for you when you fall asleep.


The gadget, which tracks the wearer’s pulse to detect when they are asleep and takes over the remote to pause or record programmes, was invented by Ryan Oliver, 15, and Jonathan Kingsley, 14.The teenagers’ device, the KipstR, has been taken up by Virgin Media to work via Wi-Fi with its TiVo television boxes.


The boys, both students at the Manchester Creative Studio, were approached by Virgin Media when presenting their device at a start-up event. Ryan, from Kent, said: “They saw we worked well together and wanted an opportunity to work with us. Both of us had worked before with wearable technology. They know that under-18s aren’t eligible to get jobs like this and they wanted to support us.”

乔纳森补充道:“开始研发以后,我们收集了一些零部件——一个小型spark core(一种Wi-Fi开发板)、电池系统、脉搏血氧仪,这么一来,研发一个监测心率的系统就相对简单了。”

Jonathan added: “Once we started working,we got together a few bits and pieces — a small spark core, battery system,pulse oximeter and from there it was relatively simple to create a system that checked heart rates.”


The pair finished their product last week and Virgin is now asking for volunteers to test it out.The boys hope the technology can be adapted for other devices, such as testing which programmes cause the biggest emotional responses.


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