My major is International Trade, while i exposed to the Translation Industry from April. As a beginner of the Translation Industry, I do not know the specific profound understanding of the translation. But through four months of study in CCJK. I have a preliminary understanding of the translation industry. And next i want to talk about my views on translation.

When I was a student in the school, I think if his specialty is English in the college, he will be the translator when he graduated from school or to be an interpreter that others will admire him for his work. If a person he is good at Oral English, and then we have a business negotiation with foreigners, while he is the most suitable one in my eyes, and also when we have the exchanges in a technical field, he can do the translation for the company. If a student got the certificate of TEM4 or TEM8, he will be considered as the most potential one.

But since i came to CCJK, I’ve got to know that translation is not only simply translate a sentence. we know any enterprise or an industry have their unique language or terms, if you do not understand these languages or terms, it’s impossible to understand this industry well.

Speaking of Translation Industry, the first i have to know is translation and localization. Localization refers to the transformation of a things, so as to meet specific customer needs and with a specific area of cultural backgrounds coincide. Purpose is to overcome cultural barriers to the product itself, in order to attract more local users.

Localization refers to the software user interface and related documents translated. Translations for the user interface, you need to use specialized software to be translated content extracted from the software, and then use Trados or other software to translate.

While the common requirements in translation and localization is about the use of CAT tools. Like Trados, it is a universal translation software in translation industry, its greatest feature is the ability to translate the contents of the previous memory.( and Wordfast or else.

About the Translation Tool Terminology, before I’ve never been involved in this knowledge, and now I tried to familiarize myself with the knowledge of this respect.

Secondly, the translation process is inevitable. For a translation file ,the first step is a preliminary translation, the next we have to find someone edit and proofreading the translation, the last two steps is the QA, and response to customer feedback, and will be revised document feedback promptly returned to the customer.

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