The rich tourism resources in Greece indicate a good prospect of translation service.

Greek is located in the southeastern side of the Balkan peninsula, three facing the sea with 3/4 land is mountains and coast up to 12,000 km. With long history and unique Mediterranean natural beauty, Greek attracts tourists from all over the world. When we mentioned Greek, our first thought is the Aegean Sea and the Olympic Games.

There is no denying that due to the famous of Aegean Sea, it becomes a place where everybody looks forward to travelling there, making tourism prove to be the pillar industry of Greece. That’s the reason why tourism accounts for a large part of Greece’s GDP and foreign exchange earnings.

Since the outbreak of the financial crisis in Y2008, Greece was troubled by huge debt crisis, but the economy of Greece is still the 32nd largest in the world. Additionally, Greece is the 15th largest economy in the 27-member European Union. Regarded as a developed country, the economy of Greece mainly made up by 2 parts: the service sector with 85.0% and industry with 12.0%, while agriculture makes up 3.0% of the national economic output.

Important Greek industries include tourism with 14.9 million international tourists in 2009, it is ranked as the 7th most visited country in the European Union and 16th in the world by the United Nations World Tourism Organization and merchant at 16.2% of the world’s total capacity, the Greek merchant marine is also the largest in the world, while the country is also a considerable agricultural producer including fisheries within the union. As the largest economy in the Balkans, Greece is also an important regional investor.

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