Greek is an independent language of Indo-European language. It has the longest documented history of any Indo-European language. Just like well-known Latin, Greek is also one of the most famous classical languages. Until now the language is spoken by at least 13 million people today in Greece, Cyprus, and diaspora communities in numerous parts of the world.

With no doubt, Greek is the first language of Western civilization; Many people believe that it is the most effective language and the most admirable communication tools which connect as a bridge between Eastern and Western culture. Cause of the clear structure, thorough definition of the conception, and coupled with a wide range of expression means, it’s not only fit for the needs of rigorous ideologists, but also meets for the requirements of talented poets .

Roots from Greek are often used to coin new words for other languages, especially in the sciences and medicine; Greek and Latin are the predominant sources of the international scientific and medical vocabulary. Over fifty thousand English words are derived from the Greek language translation. Such as: cardiology, hepatitis, heliosis, heliotherapy, stethoscope etc.

Till now, vast new words are constituted by borrowing prefix or suffix from Greece, the ultimate purpose is to express a new conception and inherit the ancient understandable culture. The most common prefix which borrowed from Greek as follows: anti-, geo-, micro-, psycho-, auto- etc.

Greece, as one of the ancient civilizations and also the cradle of the European civilization, the superior geographic location of 3 sides faced with sea which made its tourism world-famous. The diversity of the landscape, countless mountains, endless plains and the pearl-like harbor attract tourists from all over the world to visit Mediterranean natural beauty and historical monuments in Greece.

The Aegean Sea which is known to the world, is not just cradle of Greece civilization, but also a symbol of romantic journey. Apart from the Aegean Sea, the Acropolis, a blend of most classic and historic remains of ancient Greece. The Parthenon Temple took more than 15 years to build is located in the Acropolis hill, it is a sculpture masterpiece and known as “national treasure of Greece”. The rich tourist material and propagandist media are urgently needed to be translated by professional Greek translators.

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