Color is one of the many wonders in the world. Without it, our life would be extremely pale and dim. So let’s study the translation of color words, which takes significant part in our daily life.

1. literal translation

(1) just translate it into the corresponding meaning in Chinese.

She became red-faced.
O my luve’s like a red, red rose, That’s newly sprung in June.
(2)we need to add some explaination in order to convey the essential meaning.
Pink collar
Yellow Journalism
2. free translation

black tea 红茶

brown sugar 红糖
purple wine 红葡萄酒
green eye 眼红
blue films 黄色电影

be bruised black and blue 被撞得青一块紫一块

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3. erase the color (explain the meaning that color words carry)

Mr Brown is a very white man. He was looking rather green the other day. He has been feeling blue lately. When I saw him, he was in a brown study. I hope he’ll soon be in the pink again.

In America political elections the candidates that win are usually the ones who have green power backing them.
4. add the color (for vividly displaying the original picture)

The soldiers didn’t shed their blood in vain.

We’re not gonna let him bring shame on our team.