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The art industry communicates through pictures and artistic displays. With companies and art museums constantly on the lookout for global expansion beyond their current markets, translations of art and craft documents is the need of the hour.

CCJK specializes in translation of art documents. From creative design elements to external communications and art promotions, our expert linguists are able to handle high volume art translation services in more than 100 global languages and affordable rates, aided by the expert service of linguists proficient in translations of art documents and websites.

Documents We Translate

  • Operator & Safety manuals
  • Installation Manuals
  • Training material
  • Films
  • Documentaries
  • Exhibitions Text
  • Academic Text
  • Essays
  • Theatrical Plays

Art Terminology

Translation of art and creative industry requires a different approach to translation than other industries. Furthermore, this specialized field of art has a special focus on style and imagery.

That is why our translation of art documents is a versatile and comprehensive process. With 15,000 expert translators having expertise in creative translation and a wide knowledge of target culture and art preferences, we ensure your art documents are translated in a way so as to preserve the original style and imagery. We consistently strive to deliver quality translation services for the art industry, with our affordable and professional approach to translation, making it easier for the art companies to reach out to the global art community.

Art Translation Services Articles


Each project has different details, themes, and information. According to the type of document, the turnaround time will vary. Our translators can translate more than 2500-3000 words/per-day. if necessary (on urgent request) which speeds up the translation process.
Our translators are native experts, hence the translation from one language to another is not an issue. We choose experienced translators with particular knowledge of the project to ensure quality translation. Moreover, proofreading is conducted thoroughly as well.
The cost of the project varies with three main factors, the industry, the language pair, and the total word count. However, you can get an instant quote for your project from our website.
Documents are secured with the proper software installed in our systems. A backup is maintained in case of systems ever get down. Translators are strictly bound to follow confidentiality codes before starting a project.
Our translation services are not limited to any specific type of document. We translate all sorts of documents; for instance, theatrical plays, exhibitions texts, academic texts, installation manuals, etc.

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