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A message that works brilliantly with one audience won’t necessarily work just as well with another. Which is why the standard translation is usually not enough for marketing content. The translation needs to be meticulously tailored to suit the target audience without losing the gist. The CCJK team makes it possible for your content to be accurately, effectively and efficiently translated.

In order to achieve perfect adaptation of the target culture our team of native marketing professionals will closely work with you and provide a highly engaging and equally impactful content. Behind this scrupulous task lies a large team of extremely hard working individual which includes our customer support, management and translators only to make sure that you have a memorable experience with us.

Marketing Material
Brand Names Evaluation

Brand Names Evaluation

While launching a brand in a foreign market you need to be well aware of what works with the target audience and what doesn’t. A highly catchy and engaging brand name may not work at all in a different market which is why your localized brand name needs to be culturally appropriate and should be adapted in accordance to the consumer behavior of your target market.

At CCJK we offer our branding expertise. Our native professionals evaluate and assess any names or taglines in the light of their extensive experience. We will guide you regarding the impact your brand name/tagline will have on your target audience and let you know if your proposed content poses any negative meaning or is inappropriate.

In case you wish to create a new name or take our services in localizing your brand name, our copywriting experts will work with you and come up with a highly engaging name/taglines.

Copy Writing

Your business deserves to have a distinct voice that instantly engages your prospective clients. The image and tone that your company delivers always needs to stay the same regardless of the language. We, at CCJK have been providing highly appealing content that immediately has a strong impact. We copy write attractive slogans, blogs, articles, websites and other marketing material.

With a countless number of companies localizing each day CCJK provides just the right expertise to help you stand out. We strive to give you a consistent brand image and to help you in successful entrance in the global marketplace.

Copy Writing
design adaptation

Design Adaptation

In order to make sure that you effectively communicate with your audience your design needs to be completely culturally adaptable. At CCJK we help you identify elements that require changes so they fit in better with the target audience. Our experts will help you with complete creative adaptation and alter or construct a design that perfectly resonates with your target clients.

We consider all elements while localizing your images. These factors include color, layout,content and image selection. Different colors and images can have different meaning in different cultures. The choice of color will be in accordance to the target audience. The image also need to be keenly chosen so they do not offend any traditions, values and beliefs. Lastly, our complete design adaptation solution ensures that you do not have to fret at any point which is why our team will take care of the formatting and layouts.

Better Quality Control System

Faster, better, more reliable translation services for you:

ISO 9001-2008

Our quality control system strictly follows the ISO: 9001-2008 standards to ensure the quality and speed of every project.

Strict Working Flow

CCJK’s structured work-flow ensures consistency of quality across projects no matter the size. Every client enjoys the best we have to offer.

Dedicated Project Manager

A dedicated project manager is assigned to each CCJK client, monitoring the work performed and responding to clients’ ongoing/changing needs.

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