As a PM, it is also very important and necessary to improve the ability of translation, that will be good and helpful to our work. Translation is a creative activitie to use another language to express the meaning of this language. Improving the ability of translation is a long-term practice and needs to continue to accumulate. In order to improve it, we should devote more efforts in the following aspects.

1. Strengthen your basic literacy:

The so-called basic literacy, is the translator must have the basic conditions, which is the basic requirement of the translator. We should not only have serious and meticulous scientific attitude, but also have three areas of literacy, a certain level of English, higher Chinese self-cultivation and rich subject expertise.

The translation practice shows that the three aspects of literacy, the more successfully completed the translation work. English proficiency should be noted that solid foundation, expand vocabulary, extensive reading, it is best to be able to listen to, speaking, reading, writing and translating five aspects of training go hand in hand, the translation can improve your English faster than the single attack.

Chinese self-cultivation, should strengthen the training of the knowledge of grammar, logic, rhetoric, more reading, more writing, more practice to modify article. Disciplinary expertise should strive proficient in their own business, and more understanding of the relevant expertise.

2. Temper translation practice:

Translation is a creative language activitie, and highly practical. Without a lot of practice to improve the ability to translation, is tantamount to want to learn how to swim but not the water like. Of course, the practice should also pay attention to the scientific.

The beginners without expert pointers, it is best to find some degree of difficulty that suits their level and the Chinese translation of the material translation exercises. Own translation written in contrast with the other people asked.

Take a look at themselves in understanding whether accurate second look at the expression in line with the Chinese language habits, insufficient to find. With the improvement of the level, you can find some simple basic knowledge of the professional aspects of the article to be translated, after a gradual transition to the nursing literature in English translation.

Adhere to the step-by-step practice more and more translated, the fruits of the earth will. In the case of time allowed, it is best to adhere to every day, how much do translation. As time goes on, will be improved a lot.

3. To learn from others and to be creative:

Translation beginners can read some control class reading material in English and Chinese or Chinese annotated English books; on the other hand also to find the original source according to an article in the magazine asked the class translation to the original, and then carried control read.

Through comparative analysis, we can identify their own gaps, learn and absorb others in understanding the strengths of the original spirit and translation expression, and promote the improvement of translation capabilities.

If you own selection of translation, and when encounter problems difficult to solve, to humbly ask for advice to others. Another frequently read some books on translation skills, and also contribute to the improvement of translation capabilities.

At the same time, we must have the courage and innovative spirit. In the process of translation, neither rigidly adhere to the translation provided by others, can not be subject confined to the past formed outside the box.

With the continuous improvement of the ability to translate, you can create a new performance practices in accordance with the requirements of the translation standard to further improve the translation work.

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