Job title: Multi-Lingual Project Management

Job Summary

As one of the important roles in a localization project, a project manager is chains between clients and the translators. From initiation to delivery of a project, a project manager takes in charge of contacting with the clients, budget control, work arrangement, progress supervising and ensuring that the project meet quality, delivery time and budget expectations. Every disconnection of the link means failure of the project, so the project manager takes great responsibility throughout the localization of the project.

In addition to performing linguistic and technical validation of materials received back from the translation vendor, team members will also serve as resources for translators at the translation vendor in terms of meaning of technical terms and other product-specific issues. Team members will also be involved with building and maintaining translation memories and terminology data bases; performing some localization engineering activities; and, on occasion, performing ad hoc or quick-turnaround translations.

Your Responsibilities:

1. Working with localization teams to adapt material to meet high linguistic quality and cultural requirements.

2. Providing high quality and efficient translation and validation of the product, documentation, sales materials, marketing materials, etc.

3. Answering linguistic and technical issues to the localization project.

4. Assisting in defining new terminologies for new products and features, and incorporating them into terminology databases.

5. Assisting in creating and maintaining comprehensive translation memories for the various types of content (such as training and marketing collaterals, product, and documentation).

6. Maintaining product specific and content specific style guides for internal and external use.

7. Completing validation reports on the linguistic, market, and technical readiness of the materials being translated.

8. Producing ad hoc translations, translation validation and quality assessment.


– A professional translator or engineer in translation and localization field is highly preferred;

– Familiar with CAT tools and be able to Create and maintain glossaries, style guides and TMs;

– Interested Candidate may send [email protected] your portfolios and resume.

– This is a permanent job opportunity will not be expired without special notice.

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