If you got a tripod around shaking may not be a problem, but you don’t always take it all the way along cuz it could be a burden. If possible you can lay your camera on a table, a rock, a car or anything that stands still, that is a lucky case. And just in case you must learn the right way to hold your camera in order to avoid camera shake. And this may vary based on the type of camera.


Keep your left elbow close to the body, make a triangle with arm, camera and head.

Support the lens with left hand and keep the thumb and forefinger on the zoom ring or focus ring. Use the right hand hold the molded grip.

Stand stable in a way that your feet are about shoulder width apart.

Lean against a solid object if there is.

Point& Shoot Cameras and Pocket Cameras

If you compose through a viewfinder, operate similarly to SLR; If through the LCD screen, you’ll need to hold the machine away from your body a bit and fix you elbow and arm as before.

Stand stable as you can. Relax you knees.

Lean against a solid object if possible.

Slowly press the shutter release button till DOF is determined, ease your breath and press down completely.

What’s more, don’t let your finger cover the lens.

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