You might think it be difficult to capture a natural smile, however it may not be so difficult as you learn about our tips. When people were asked to take a photo, all too often they grimace or give a forced smile against the camera. This is a natural reaction in this situation. But a ready smile is not what we want most, as it looks like political-leaders-meeting-each-other style. Yes, what we need is an unready smile. Each person’s natural smile is slightly different but most have a few common features.

Relaxed face

Usually natural smiles come with a relaxed face, every part stays still except mouth and eyes. A face with eyebrows furrowed or cheeks drawn shows absolutely unhappy smile.

Head Movement

When taking a photo, many people instinctively tend to tilt their heads slightly producing a natural smile. Well, a slightly tilt head can enhance the look of a smile in a image, take care of timing management so as not to wind up with a blurred face due to motion.

Smile Plight

Smile is a emotional event that people may be difficult to imitate the emotion on cue, especially for kids. As people grow older they generally become more aware of their facial expression and better to make the required expressions more naturally.

The plight is that you’ll get forced smile if you ask them to but if you don’t, your camera will only capture a depressed face. To get through this you need to put your subject at ease. People can never relax when nervous. Most commonly they get nervous subconsciously when facing against a camera, here’s a little tip.

Tell your subjects that you are adjusting the camera while talking with them, say sth funny, like a small joke or whatever, but actually you’ve been waiting for a natural smile. Shoot without any warning. FYI.