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8. Using some methods to attract the target to open your mails. If the receivers have a trust and confidence on you, they will definitely open the mail and read it. So it’s critical to build a good reputation and trustful relationship. Besides, some tricks also play an important part in attracting the targets. For example, previewed information is very important. At present, many mail systems have a function of preview. If the receivers consider your mail is very like advertisement, they won’t open it; therefore, we must make use the previewed information is very attractive, at least it doesn’t cause any dislike or aversion. A specialized or customized title is also important, especially when the title contains the name of the receiver or some related information.

9. Sending the email in a regular cycle. A well-designed and planed email should be sent according to the schedule made beforehand. The situation that you send the first letter and send a second one after server months is strongly prohibited, because receivers will forget us and will regard us as strangers after several months’ losing contact. So be sure you will send the mail regularly and the cycle is not too long.

10. Allowing the receiver to customizing the mail content. It will make us look more professional and show our great respect to the clients.

11. Paying attention to the page design. You should take lots of things into consideration. For example, the best width is 400-500 pixels; there should be no more than 3 pictures.

12. Sending no more than 11 mails per month. Too many mails may result in repulsion. Tencent will send 11 messages at most to their users every month, which is a strong proof that sometimes we needn’t send to many mails.

13. The mail list should contain our company staff’s mail address. It helps us to check whether the mail server providers offer a good service and which providers prohibit our mails.

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The above is my experience as a sales person. If you have some other idea, please do not hesitate to share with me. Contact me @ [email protected]

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