At the present time, Email marketing is becoming an effective and important way for business men to promote their products or service. As we can see, more and more companies have realized the great opportunities Email marketing has brought for them and have paid great attention to this promotion method.

Therefore, business men are trying to improve their email writing skills. In fact, for email marketing writing, the title is especially critical, because title points out the topic directly and attracts the clients’ interest. Now I want to share some tips for making a perfect tile for marketing mails.

1. It’s intended to NOTICE rather than to sell.

The best title tells the receiver the content of the email, while the worst one shows the aim of selling directly. Don’t make your title look like advertisement, because the more it’s like advertisement, the less there are opportunities for the email to be read.

2. Empathy: suppose you are the clients instead of sellers.

There is only one thing that attracts the interest of your email readers, that is, what your mail can provide for them? Therefore, when writing emails, you should have a good consideration for your clients. Think about their interest and don’t write a lot about you. If you have realized this point, your email title will be made better.

3. Don’t use name in the title.

Personalized content plays an important role in Email marketing, but it doesn’t work for title. The senders of junk mails find names on internet, and all they know about the target receivers is name and mail address. So they usually add name in the title, such as “Tom: this is personalized service for you”; in fact, their receivers are clever enough to reject such junk mails. Therefore, if you use name in the title, it’s quite possible your mail will be judged as junk mail too.

4. Use company’s name in the title.

Many research shows that if you add the company’s name in the title, there will be more possibility that receiver will read your emails. The famous research company Jupiter Research found out that adding a company’s name can increase the rate of being opened from 32% to 60%, which sounds great and cheerful.

5. Identification

One of the reasons that people will open your mail is that they recognize you. Whether the mail you sent will be read depends on the reputation of your company as well as the quality of your mail. Your emails title must pay attention to these two points.

6. Testing

Which title will bring the best effect? You need to make a testing plan. In fact, choosing the best one from several titles is very difficult and mail authority hardly can make a right decision either. If possible, try to send mails with different titles to some mail subscribers and choose the best one according the response. Doubtlessly, a good title with testing can be more effective.

7. Send the email to yourself.

Once you have defined the title, you can send the mail to yourself before sending it to your targets. Does it attract you? Compared with other mails in your mailbox, is it outstanding? Does it look interesting and worth to be opened? Does it look like junk mail? For many case, the mail received is different from the right mail being written or in the draft folder.

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