1. Pay attention to statistics for mails. Some salespersons often neglect the statistics. They just send the emails and wait for the reply; they seldom analyze the related statistics which will supply some scientific basis for their future actions. There are some important statistics which should draw our great attention. One is the ratio of Email sent the target successful. We should analyze how many emails can be sent to our target’s mailbox successfully since sometimes your mail will be rejected or returned to you for unknown reason. The second one is ratio of email being read. The third one is the ratio of links being opened; it will tell us who are interested in our promotion so that we can put more effort on these target people. The last one is the conversion ration which indicates how many target people become your customers.

2. Remind the target to add you in the white list. If possible, kindly ask the mail receivers to add you in their white list, so that you mails will reach them smoothly thus building a trustful and good reputation.

3. Add a link for the mail receivers to stop you subscription. In you mails, there should be a clear and obvious link which tells the receivers how to stop the subscription. If the target receivers are really bored or not interested in your marketing mails, they can unsubscribe it easily instead of adding you in the blacklist or making a complaint to the Internet Service Supplier. In fact, the bad influence caused by blacklist or complaint is much greater than unsubcription, because the former may result in the prohibition of your using email marketing.

4. Thanks the receivers when your mail gets subscribed.

5. Inform the mail receivers how often they will get your marketing mails. So that they will have a preparation in their mind and won’t feel unexpected.

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6. Learn some skills to prevent your email from being shielded. At first, you should check from time to time whether your email address or IP has been added into blacklist. Secondly, you should avoid using some words which will be considered as junk. Some vocabulary has a strong indication of advertisement; if they appear in the mails, they will draw the mail servers’ attention, and if they appear too often, your mail might be prohibited from sending. Thirdly, use the exclamation points or exaggeration as few as possible. Fourthly, pay attention to the ratio between words and picture; the quantity of pictures should not be too much. The last one, you should remind the receiver that this mail is not a junk mail and they should open and have a look at it.

7. Adapt a strategy of sending three emails in succession. According to an authorized survey, if you send three mails in succession, the possibility that your mail will be read is the largest. Therefore, it’s suggested that we should send three mails to the target in one day.

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