“as of”是一个注明日期的行话。许多人认为这是注明日期的唯一方式,但是“as of”只能用来把某一件事情定在一个时间而在另一个时间承认这一事情。它常常用来赋予优惠溯及既往的效力。

For Example: A letter dated September 1 that promotes an employee as of the preceding June 1.


The hidden meaning here is there has been 3 months since the raising of the salary.

像这句“The business outlook in the South as of mid-June”,这里的“as of”就用得不当,应该说 in 或者 at mid-June。但是“as of”这个短语如果用在2010年3月关于2009年会计年度的报告里,或者用在对当前到以后某个日期的趋势作预测,是可行的。

If the time you mention is at present, we should not use “as of”.