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The Chief justice of the Court of Final Appeal and the Chief Judge of the High Court of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Shall be Chinese citizens who are permanent residents of the Region. In addition to the procedure prescribed in Article 88 and 89 of this Law, the appointment and removal of judges of the Court of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall be made by the Chief Executive with the endorsement of the Legislative Council of the Region and reported to the Standing Committee of the National people’s Congress of the record.


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例 2


The election or recall of chief procurators of people’s procuratorates shall be reported to the chief procurators of the people’s procurators at the next higher level for submission to the standing committees of the people’s congresses at the corresponding level for approval.

例 3

Shipment: The Date of the Bill of Lading shall be accepted as a conclusive evidence of the date of shipment.


例 4


One who instigates others to commit a crime shall be punished according to the role he plays in the joint crime. One who instigates a person under the age of eighteen to commit a crime shall be given a heavier punishment.

例 5

If the buyers fail to notify and/or forward full details within the period specified above, the Buyers shall be deemed to have waived their right to assert any claim.


例 6

In the event the Buyers’ such appointment does not arrive in time, the Sellers’ system of inspection shall be final and binging upon the parties concerned.


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Quantity, unless otherwise arranged, shall be subject to a variation of 5% plus or minus at Seller’s option.

量:除非另作安排,量由卖方选择作加或减 5% 的变动。

例 8

Such compensation shall correspond to the real value of the property concerned and shall be freely convertible and paid without undue delay.


例 9

The Purchaser shall, upon receipt of Corporation’s respective invoices therefor, pay to Corporation all amounts which become due by the Purchaser to Corporation hereunder, including without limitation an amount equal to the taxes and duties.


例 10

The contractor shall be entitled to use for the purpose of the works such supplies of electricity and water as may be such sums as may be reasonable in the circumstances, and shall at his own expenses provide and apparatus necessary for such use.


例 11

The Broad shall have such jurisdiction and powers as are conferred on it by this or any other Ordinance.


例 12

All Hong Kong residents shall be equal before the law.


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