Japanese writer Natsume Soseki once asked his students to translate “I love you”, some student translated into“我爱你”. Natsume said, how could that come from the Japanese, “今夜月色很好” is enough.

This anecdote suddenly became the kuso example for netizens yesterday. The most popular imperial concubine Zhenhuan, Ling and Master Asia in the TV programme Swordsman all become the targets of online mock. At the same time, Eileen Chang, Tang Priest, Chor Lau Heung and Wei xiaobao also become the innocent victims.

The story originated from a personalized signature of Renren. A literary girl marveled the implicity and grace of Natsume Soseki, posted his translation on the internet, never thought it would be the beginning of kuso.

It is internet age, entertainment first. Now please enjoy the“creative versions” from internet users.

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Zhenhuan Version

Zhenhuan once requested the emperor to translate I love you, the emperor translated into“我爱你”. How could I say those words, zhenhuan said, “愿得一心人,白首不相离”is admirable.

Master Asia Version

Master Asia once ordered his subordinates to translate I love you, some subordinates translated into “我爱你”. Master Asia dissatisfied, as a person from Sun Moon Holy Sect, we can’t say that, “自从我遇见你那天开始,我的心,就像跌入了深深的湖水,推不开,躲不掉,心一直想往你身上靠,曾经有人告诉过我,感情是不能勉强的,而且也不能靠近,可我一见到你,我就变得不像我自己” should be sufficient.

Eileen Chang Version

On one occasion, Eileen Chang let Hu Lancheng translate I love you, then Hu replied“我爱你”. As the most legendary lady of Republic of China, I wouldn’t say that, “为了你的幸福,我愿意放弃一切——包括你”is enough, Eileen Chang said so.

Tang Priest Version

Tang Priest asked Disciple to translate I love you once and got the translation of “我爱你”. Those words are not appropriate for monks, “当当当当……only you~ (800 words omitted here)