Adjective Clauses are commonly used in English. They are used not only for modifying the words before, also expressing some kind of transition, reason, result and so on, therefore, language translation should be free and flexible.

As for placement, it can be put in front or behind.

These below are some normal examples:

1. “How could a great paper like the Washington post, full of brilliant editors, get so involved in its own conceit and arrogance as to pursue a story which its own staff was saying was fabricated from the beginning?

Translation: “像《华盛顿邮报》这样一家拥有许多出色编辑的大报,为何自以为是和高傲自大到如此地步,竟然追求一篇连自己编辑部的人员从一开始也认为是虚构的报道?”

2. This is the reason why I am not in favour of revising the plan.

Translation: 这就是我不赞成修改计划的原因。

3. When deeply absorbed in work, which he often was, he would forget all about eating and sleeping.

Translation: 他常常聚精会神地做工作,这时他会废寝忘食。

4. I must make full use of the time there is left to me and do as much as I can for the people.

Translation: 我要充分利用我剩下的岁月,尽量为人民多做些事情。

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5. They were short of sticks to make frames for the climbing vines, without which the yield would be halved.

Translation: 他们缺搭葡萄架的杆儿,没有杆搭架子,葡萄产量会减少一半。

6. We will put off the outing until next week, when we won’t be so busy.

Transltion: 我们把郊游推迟到下个星期,那到时我们不会这么忙了。

7. In order to serve the customers better, you have to have technologies differentiating you from others and you have to have human talents that can understand the technology and try to bring it to bear the customers in a way that is nbso online casino truly useful.

Translation: 为了更好地为顾客服务,你必须要有与众不同的技术,而且还得拥有懂得这种技术的人才,把这种技术提供给客户,对客户真正有用。

8. He is a professor, as is clear from his manner.

Translation: 他是个教授,这可以从他的举止上明显地看出来。

9. Thinking that you know when in fact you don’t is a fatal mistake to which we are all prone.

Translation: 自认为知道而实际上并不知道,这是一个致命的弱点,我们都容易犯这种错误。

10.Nearly everyone knows the story of “the dog that worried about the cat that caught the rat that ate the grain that lay in the mouse that Jack built.

Translation: 几乎人人都知道这个故事:杰克盖了房,房里堆了粮,耗子把粮食吃光,猫把耗子抓伤,狗又把猫逼上房。

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11.You compare her with your English women who wolf down from three to five meat meals a day; and naturally you find her a sylph.

Translation: 你们英国女人每天狼吞虎咽地吃上三餐到五餐肉食,你们拿她来比她们,当然觉得她是个窈窕仙女了。

12.The acid test is expected to come today or early next week when a bill goes before the U.S. Congress for approval of the sale of US $60 million worth of spare parts to Taiwan.

Translation: 出售价值六千万美元零件给台湾的法案将在今天或下周初提交美国国会批准,届时严峻的考验就要到来了。

13.Yet he failed somehow, in spite of a mediocrity which might to have insured any man a success.

Translation: 按理说,他这样的庸才,正该发迹才是,可是不知怎么,只是不得意。

14.You”ve given Feldstyn, who dislikes me anyhow, the chance he was waiting for.

Translation: 费尔德斯丁反正就不喜欢我,你给他的机会正是他求之不得的。

15.She tiptoed to the bed where the child lay sleep.

Translation: 孩子睡着了,她惦着脚尖走到他床前。