16. The thief, who was about to escape, was caught by the police man.

Translation: 小偷正要逃跑时,被警察抓住了。

17. Electronic energy that is supplied to a lamp can be turned into light energy.

Translation: 当把电供给电灯时,它就会变成光能。

18. Einstein, who worked out the famous Theory of Relativity, won the Nobel Prize in 1921.

Translation: 爱因斯坦由于提出了著名的“相对论”,于 1921 年获得了诺贝尔奖。

19. We support the open trading system which is to ultimate advantage of all.

Translation: 我们支持开放的贸易制度,因为它最终对各方都是有益的。

20. Nothing is difficult in the world for anyone, who dares to scale the height.

Translation: 世上无难事,只要肯攀登。

21. How can anyone qualified to be a good teacher, who doesn’t know what the students are thinking and demanding?

Translation: 一个教师如果不知道他的学生在想什么,需要什么,怎样指望成为一个合格的教师呢?

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22. They set up a state of their own, where they could be free to keep the negroes as slaves.

Translation: 他们建立起自己的国家,在那里他们可以随心所欲地把黑人当做奴隶。

23. He wishes to write an article, which will attract public attention to the air pollution in this city.

Translation: 他想写一篇文章,以此来引起公众对这座城市空气污染的关注。

24. He likes Miss Nancy, who despises him.

Translation: 尽管南希小姐非常讨厌他,他却很喜欢她。

25. There was no respect even for Albert Einstein(in Hitler’s country), who only want to think of the problems beyond time and space and politics.

Translation: 爱因斯坦想考虑那些超脱时间、空间和政治的问题,就连他这样的人在希特勒统治下的德国也没有受到尊重。

26. I knocked the door at the red house, which opened right away.

Translation: 我敲了敲那座红房的门,那门就立即开了。

27. They turned a deaf ear to our demands, which enraged all of us.

Translation: 他们对我们的要求置之不理,这使我们大家都很气愤。

28. Is it the history you’re reading?

Translation: 你们在念历史吗?

29. There was another man that seems to have answers, and that was Robert McNamara.

Translation: 另外一个人似乎胸有成竹,那就是罗伯特·麦克纳马拉。

30. There was a man downstairs who wants to see you.

Translation: 楼下有人要见你。

31. Yonder are the Misses Leery, who are looking out for the young officers of the heavies…

Translation: 那边是李瑞家的小姐们正在望眼欲穿地等待着重炮队里的年轻军官。

32. My first experience of bottling a lamb came towards the end of the season, when one ewe lambed a double out in the filed one afternoon.

Translation: 我第一次用奶瓶喂羊羔,是在产羔季节结束的时候。有一天下午,一只母羊在野地里产下了一只羊羔。