From the beginning to the middle of this month, we dealt with an enrichment project which was not easy to complete and we have five translators do on it. Due to the tight delivery, several translators could not finish their parts on time, then the other translators helped them and we delivered to the client on time finally. This made me realize the translation team is so important!

I think most people would agree with me that team in any industry is very necessary, just like the so-called crowd pick wood flame. Whatever the nature of the enterprise, the ability of each person has a certain limit, the only good cooperation, able to make up for their lack of ability to achieve their original purpose Translation services as a basic service, the value of its derivatives is far greater than the translation, translation companies need effective internal communication process, participants and propelled promote trust each other, relatively honest, the translation team players to play an outstanding role , but also to guarantee the value of the translation enhancing.

Translation company is self-evident, the following summary of the points to share with you about the importance of team building.

On the quality of the translation, the usual process will include translation, editing, proofreading, so translation, editing, proofreading seem to be a relatively independent process, if one of them doesn’t be operated well, the final quality of the translation will be affected, translation companies need to allow team members to establish the overall awareness, from the overall situation to do something, to think about the problem.

From the translation service, translation is a highly service industry, translation companies in order to stand on the fierce competition, it needs to provide customers with the best quality of the translation, the most satisfactory translation services, but during the translation process, the ability of each member is limited, if translators ensured the quality, but proofreader didn’t perform well, it would affect the quality of the entire translation. So the cooperation between translators is also very important, only the internal team members cooperate with each other, our translation services can do the best job.

“Unity is strength”, “Two heads are better” in the interpretation of the same meaning, only united, to savings and greater strength, greater success, let’s take a look at the ants, in the animal kingdom, they are the representative of the spirit: the power of an ant is very weak, but they are able to carry the food that even a hundred times of their weight back “home”, relying on groups operating together.

Team building is a great creation, it is a foundation of the modern enterprise management, is a platform to build a basic starting point.

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