The training of translation awareness and skills should cover the following areas:

I. Deep, full understanding of the importance of translation, the translation of right or wrong, good and bad sometimes has absolutely different results. For example:”天涯海角”, not “the End of the World” (Land’s End / End of the Earth). And “一小时内免费送机票上门” not “We give you tickets free of charge within one hour.”(We offer free delivery of your air tickets within one hour after your booking confirmation.)

II. To be good at a careful, in-depth and accurate understanding of the original meaning. An accurate understanding is the premise. For example: “摸着石头过河”, not “crossing the river by feeling the stones.” (wade across the stream by feeling the way).

III. Corresponding Chinese and English word sometimes is not the same meaning or not exactly the same, cannot be translated literally. For example:”他的英语说得真好,就像外国人一样”, not “He speaks English so well, he sounds like a foreigner”. But “He speaks English so well, he sounds like a native speaker.”

“拉动经济增长”: not “pull economic growth” But should be: push/lift/increase/boost/stimulate/spur/drive/fuel/speed up/accelerate/generate/ fire up/ propel/ facilitate/reinforce/aid/assist/support/promote/encourage/foster/(sustain/maintain)。

IV. To avoid Chinglish, but local expression

For example: “我攒了一大堆赃衣服,等着周末来洗,” Don’t translate as “I have accumulated a large amount of dirty clothes. I’m going to wash them at the weekend.” Better expression will be “I have a lot of laundry to catch up at the weekend.”

V. According to different occasions, we have formal and informal expressions. Such as “禁止吸烟”(No Smoking)、“请勿吸烟”(Thank you for not smoking) 和“为了您和他人的健康,请勿在此吸烟”(For hygiene’s sake, please refrain yourself from smoking in this room). The following examples contain three stylistics (formal- normal – informal):

Please await instructions before dispatching items.

Please wait for instructions before sending items off.

Don’t send anything off until you’re told to do so.

Essential measures should be undertaken at the earliest opportunity.

One should undertake any necessary measures at the earliest opportunity.

You should do whatever you have to as soon as you can.

In summary, a qualified linguist has to strengthen and cultivate various awareness, and the habit of thinking from multiple perspectives.

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