Targeted Searching useful projects and then submitting proposals will help to save much time and the chances to be awarded the projects will be more.

English to Chinese ( no matter simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese) translation projects should be the first ones we need to search as we are most specialized in this field, also including Chinese website translation and edit, Chinese voiceover, video editing and subtitling.

The other languages’ translation ranks as Japanese, Korean, German and Spanish. It seems the Korean & German translations are in a good demand. Usually, if the Clients are from USA or European countries, you can submit the proposal without any hesitate. But if the clients are native people of these countries, it will be almost impossible to get the projects as they’ll most likely to hire their native providers.

Another important project is website design. Our engineer department is very skilled and professional in Magento, E-commerce, Oscommerce, WordPress, CMS , PHP and other similar websites. But if the required website is very complicated with plenty of contents, it will be better to give it up as this kind of website will cost much and take a very long time. Here are two examples for your reference:



I believe inputing these keywords to do targeted search will be of some help for the efficiency & the awarded rate.