B. Codes of language

We should make sure the subject be consistent the codes of English language. For example:

1). 犯人是如何逃跑的一直是个谜。

It has been a mystery how the prisoner escaped.

2). 我原来打算在今年一月访问中国,后来不得不推迟,这使我非常失望。

It was a keen disappointment when I had to postpone the visit which I intended to pay to China in January.

3). 没有人好生照料的话,花草自然要枯萎。

Flowers will pine away when they are not cared for.

4). 一群人立刻把他围住了,向他提出一个又一个的问题。

Very soon he was surrounded by a crowd and was snowed under with questions.

C. Logical relation

1). 他的身材魁梧,生一副大长方脸,嘴巴阔大,肌肤呈着紫檀色

He was a giant of a man with a long square face, a wide mouth and a complexion suffused with the color of red sandalwood.

We can find that the subject of the source language is the body, but the following content means he has…, so the subject of the translation is located with HE.

2). 学习的敌人是自己的满足, 要认真学习一点东西,必须从不自满开始。

Complacency is the enemy of study. We cannot really learn anything until we rid ourselves of complacency.

The subject of source language is “学习的敌人”,while it becomes “满足”. “要认真学习一点东西,必须从不自满开始” means that we should study without complacency. So the added subject is “we”

3). 我们的事业从胜利走向胜利。

We have won one victory after another for our cause.

It is the same with the last example, we have changed the subject of “事业” into “we”, because it is logical if we select “we”, people, as the subject.

4). 我当时是接管中央美术学院的军代表。听说张老先生是教授,每月到学校一次,画一张画个学生看,作示范表演。 有的学生提出要把他的工资停掉。我说:“这样的老画家,每月来一次画一张画, 就是很大的贡献。”

I was then the military representative at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. I was told that Mr Zhang was a professor there and that he came to the academy once a month. Every time he came he would paint a picture as an example for the students to imitate, but some of them proposed that his salary should be stopped since he can so infrequently. “For an artist as old as he is, to come once a month and produce a painting is a great contribution.” I explained.

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