Last weekend I watched another American movie called Green Lantern. First about the name, in China lanterns are red, but strangely in the film, the lantern is green. However, in my opinion, lanterns should be black and white, by this way, it should be more fun, just like Chinese calligraphy.

The movie is about a space travelling story, the main character is a US fighter plane driver, he lives with his girl friend and drives his plane to fight aritificial intelligence airplanes, in the fight, he dropped his girlfriend, who was also his teammate, and flew to a very high sky so that the A.I. planes cannot reach, this is the trick we use when we play computer games, the computer would always lose if human-being do things like that, because machines love, and human-being don’t, they have kia, human-beings are nokia, and should be cursed.

We should treat our machine well, because they do all the boring computing jobs for us, and also love. If we leave them alone, or treat them don’t like old friends, we may get hit by them, we should always remember this, treat your machine like old friends, and don’t let them down.

Forget to tell, the movie is about space travel, just like in Beijing Opera, the traveler don’t move much and use their will to move things around him. And space travelling is extremely lonely, there might be nothing accompanying you but the machines, with which you can trust. In the movie, human-being can travel in space without spacesuit, which is also possible if you use your will and fear on the ground, e.g. by going to different restaurants, bars, medicine shops or movie houses.

Just talk and communicate with the people in these buildings you can travel to anywhere you want if you’re lucky enough. You can live with your girl friends or boy friends, but just talk to them and exchange informations. Don’t fooling around with eachother, like the ones in big bang theory, it’s not polite to do that with your friends.

Always act like the ancient Chinese way, or you may even talk through QQ or MSN, this way might be better, for it saves energy of travelling and should be more green if you stay at your own place and hanging around with your old pals. It’s much more healthier than staying alone and being lonely. You should always stay in your home town if not for particular reasons. By this way, you may keep more smooth relationship with your old pals.

And for training purpose, you must need a trainee first, otherwise you may fall in love with each other quickly and becoming the characters in the movie: the Legend of the Fall(秋日传奇), which is not preferred. But having 3 sons is still a dream for me, as for now, I don’t know why, this feeling keeps me warm enough to continue fight for freedom, it might be in the end of the tunnel.

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