The film depict a story happened in a small town. One day, a vast expanse of fog covered a town a few hundred miles without any omen, people cannot see anything, in the fog. Some kinds of bloodthirsty monsters hide among the mist, and a group of people trapped in a supermarket, started their survival adventure.

I did not blink my eyes when watching the film. a strong, brave, smart and capable actor, every time he handled the distress difficulty, and move forward. But some desperate people who has religion forced him to leave the supermarket, and he drove a car, leading three individuals and his son broke into the fog, trying to find a safe place.

He saw his house destroyed, his wife died. They witnessed the unknown giant monster in a hazy. The car soon was out of oil. All of them were in the despair, because they have gone such a long way. but still the only thing they can see was the white mist dense as milk. the monster may come out anytime, they struggled so hard, but when they came out, find the situation was still made them in despair, it was always a dead way.

There are five people in the car, but only four bullets in pistol.So he shot his son, female companion, an elderly couple. I heard him a few screams, trying desperately to commit suicide, but no matter how he pulled the trigger, it was useless. Personally killed his comrades and loved ones, staying in fog alone, the fear and loneliness and also the guilty of killing friends in person, which made him cannot afford. Then he came out of the car, and shout in the mist, “come on, monster”.

If the movie ends here, it will be just a normal cliffhang and frightened movie.

However in the last five minutes, when he facing the fog with despair. Suddenly he heard a sound of shock, fog slowly dispersed, all-conquering U.S. troops used high-tech means to kill the monster, he suddenly could see the road clearly, a lot of soldiers wearing gas masks to rescue the trapped people.
They had only a few minutes away from a victory

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Can you say it was wrong that the actor was eager to help them escape from the desperation? But in that case no one could see hope, everyone would like to quickly get out of the frighten.

He witnessed how horrible those monsters, and they are embattled in a car without gasoline, it’s hard to say if the next moment they would suffer the same fate. So he chose to leave four bullets for his comrades, and as to his own, he planned to die in a most painful way. But, he finally won, the fog dispersed … he survived – but this result by no means was victory which he expected.

In fact, he still did not stick to the end. At least they did not. When the actor to help them to end their lives, if they would choose to continue living, they would find they could survive in a few minutes later. They will cheer, for their pride and glory of rebirth! But they chose to commit suicide.

I think the director wanted to tell us more than a “selfish human nature” or “persevering.” Although the actor insisted, got the victory, but meanwhile the victory was also the biggest failure. Perhaps the director wanted to say the fate was already decided, even to struggle so hard, the results was not you want – or the least desired results.

Man proposes, God disposes, sometimes to fight with god, we can only get a ridiculous result. This is the most attractive places of the film – we must accept the fate of the uncertainty and frustration. Sometimes strenuous efforts of those hardships in return, may be the outcome we do not want to face mostly.

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