The key operation I am saying here refers to the pressing of the keys on a computer keyboard so as to control or manipulate the applications running on the computer. As the mouse operation, computer keyboard is also a kind of inputting device and can assist the mouse operation sometimes, such as the selection of a group of files.

Keyboard Introduction

First, I would like to make a brief introduction of the computer keyboard. Generally, the keyboard is used to input text and numbers into a text editor or other applications. And some keys of the keyboard can be used to operate the computer directly. And in command line interface, the keys are also used to enter commands.

I think most of people are quite familiar with the computer keyboard and its operation, as computers are quite common in everyday life and working. But do you know the English names of your mostly used keys? When you come across sentences about key operation in Chinese, could you be able to express the names of keys operated in English and thus explain the operation method to English speakers clearly?

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Keys with characters engraved are easy to name, such as C key, A key.

But the keys without characters engraved are not so easy to describe.

Since there are several types of keyboard and the keyboards for a desktop and portal computer are quite different, I will just talk about the translation of some frequently used keys in the next part.