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Before offering Slovak translation, let us know the Slovak language first.

Slovak Culture

The development of culture reflects one country’s rich folk tradition, in addition to the influence of broader countries’ trends, Slovak is not an exception. Impacted by neighbored European countires, Slovak has much the similar culture with other ones. The impact of centuries of cultural repression and control by foreign governments is also evident in much of Slovakia’s music, literature, paints and art.

There are 12 state scientific libraries in Slovakia, 473 libraries related with universities and institutions of higher learning, and 2600 public libraries. The University Library in Bratislava, founded in 1919, contains more than 2 million volumes and is also the country’s most important library. The Slovak National Library (1863), located in Martin, includes a large quantity of materials, document and files relating to Slovak culture.

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Slovak Literature

In the late 18th century, a national movement starts in Slovakia, aiming to fostering Slovak culture and identity. Anton Bernolak, one of its leaders, was a Jesuit priest who merged a Slovak literary language based on dialects spoken in western Slovakia. In the 19th century, Protestant leaders Jan Kollar and Pavol Safarik developed a form of written Slovak that combined the dialects spoken in central Slovakia and the Czech lands.

The linguist and Slovak nationalist L’udovt Stur, a contemporary of Kollar and Safarik’s, rejected the Czech language influence and develop a more authentic literary Slovak; which was appreciated by some Slovak poets, whose works dealt largely with national Slovak themes and topics.

Poetry remained an important literary form in the 20th century, and was used by some Slovak writers to describe the experience and process of World War II and the rising of Communism. During these times, Slovak literary culture suffered from heavy governmental control because of some other reasons.

Information of Slovak tourism

Slovakia’s tourism industry has boomed remarkably since the independence. By the late 1990s the country was receiving more than 500,000 visitors per year. Slovakia’s historic towns and numerous mountain ski resorts are the more popular tourist destinations.

Bratislava, the capital of Slovak, has been growing in recent years, although it still has a little commercialism that is rampant across Western Europe. With a surprisingly rich cultural life, Bratislava is a capital city without the usual tourist congestion like other hot tourism secne.

Other larger cities around the country like Trnava, Trenčín, Pieštany are also gradually welcoming more tourists.

After knowing the culture and literature of  Slovak well, it is much easier for us to fit into Slovak country, people and also language.

Our Slovak translator all comes from Slovak and are educated by genuine Slovak culture, which ensuring the Slovak translation from CCJK will be as 100% accurate as possible.

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