There is two styles of Simplified and Respect in Japanese. Simplified used in general statement, it also can be used for the conversation or written in articles. Such as newspapers, magazines, articles and so on. Simplified used in situation that the speakers are very familiar with each other or they have relationship.

The style of Respect is a polite way to pay tribute to the speaker to the hearer, and is the standard saying. It used in general conversation and speech, but can also be used in articles.

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However, in daily conversation, as the reason of gender, age, level, the expression of Respectful style and Simplified style is very complicated. Especially Respectful style, it is very difficult to use accurately.

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Generally speaking, in order to make sure there is no mistake in you expession,you can use the unsal Respect style but not the most honorific style, such as “行きます” and not “いらっしゃいます”.

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