Under the influence of the new coronavirus, in order to prevent the spread of the virus, primary, secondary and high schools in China have postponed enrollment and promoted online learning for students. Online Learning way, it has changed the traditional mode of education, and let the students get the initiative to learn. Through this new multimedia e-Learning method, not only for students is a huge change, but also in the enterprise training talent to help enterprises to save money.

Employees, clients and partners from all over the world are more likely to use training materials in their native language as well as training in their native language. Because the evaluation of trainees is an important basis to reflect the training effect. In a world of rapidly changing business needs, increasing competitive pressures, and technological innovation, if the enterprise provides education, training and online learning for employees, it will greatly enhance the enterprise’s competitive advantage.

However, enterprises will face many challenges when providing e-learning to employees, such as:

  1. Lack of linguists in translation and proofreading, as well as cultural and legal knowledge of different countries and
  2. Faced with the problem of training materials production
  3. Faced with the problem that the update of localization training materials lags behind the update of source language
  4. Various types of files, such as: Video, Audio, Images, Flash Animation, PDF,

With 20 years of experience in language solutions and focuses on Asian languages, CCJK is ready to help clients overcome these challenges!

CCJK makes best use of its advantages:

  1. CCJK has experienced translation linguists who are fully aware of local language customs and laws.
  2. CCJK has a mature translation and localization process to meet customers’ different delivery times.
  3. CCJK will set up a service group for the projects and provide customers with timely update
  4. CCJK not only has a professional translation team, but also a reliable localization technical team, we can deal with all kinds of file