For some purposes, we could not avoid repeat some words in expressing our opinions. Sometimes it is used to emphasize the point, and enhance the speaker’s view. Sometimes it can express the ideas much more lively and accurately. In other times, it may also describe a more specific and clear point.

While translation is to communicate the corresponding meaning of one language to the targeted readers. We can not ignore the repetition in translation, and we should try our best to relive the original implication.

Therefore, here are some sentences which can illustrate the significance of paying attention on the repetition in translation.

1. More and more new antibacterial agents are being discovered and applied. Some have broad spectrum application; others are limited. The scene shifts year after year as experience accumulates.


2. As a cardiologist I early be aware that the internist was not necessarily a good person to carry on the day to day work of prevention.


3. Each bronchus enters the lung separately at the hilum. It subdivided again and again, forming smaller and smaller divisions.


4. In principle, ablation has to be done wherever there is evidence of cancer cells, but care must be taken that the treatment should not be so radical as to jeopardize the recovery of the patient.


5. The degree of cerebral edema is possibly related to the amount of the cerebral damage, to the adequacy of spontaneous heart action once this has restored and to the systemic blood pressure too.


6. Most attention has been directed at the study of the spread if these tumor through the lymphatic system, and at that of the influence that lymphatic metastasis has on the prognosis after surgery.


7. Anti-hypertensive therapy if applied rapidly and effectively can yield brilliant and often life-saving results.


8. Dryness usually hasten their end, as also dose exposure to direct sunlight.


9. Significant fever, leucocytosis, and above all, rigors should arouse suspicion and so should the presence of sepsis(败血症).


The words in bold is the repetition where need our attention. The situation may vary. But the aim is only one, that is, to precisely and accurately localize the meaning of the original sentences.

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