The story happened in 2020. Charlie Kenton was a retired boxer, he lived in a motor home with his boxing robot. One day he was invited by his friend to have a boxing match with a bull, of course, it’s the robot that would be the boxer, Charlie only had to remote control the robot.

Unfortunately, the bull was exceptional strong and tore the poor robot into parts. So Charlie lost the bet and his boxing robot. At this time, two policemen came to visit Charlie and told him that his ex-girlfriend was killed in accident and left a son who his 9 years old.

They asked him if he could take care of the boy, whose name is Max. But Max’s aunt was very rich, so they adopted Max. His aunt and her husband wanted to spend the summer in Italy, so they gave Charlie lots of money and asked him to take care of Max in the summer.

So as he got the money for Max’s aunt, Charlie bought another boxing robot, who had the Chinese character “very evil man(超恶男子)” on its front. It’s a champion robot in the boxing league and could be controlled by voice. Since it’s made in Japan, the language to control it is Japanese.

Charlie couldn’t speak Japanese, but Max could because he played Japanese video games in spare time. Fortunately, Charlie’s girlfriend, Baily knew that there was a switch in the neck of the robot. By adjusting the switch, Charlie could control the boxing robot by speaking English.

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As they got the new robot, they went to take part in another boxing match, but the match was not in the league, so the rule of it is not very strict. The former champion robot could not fight very well in this kind of environment, it failed again and was beheaded by its opponent.

Charlie and Max were very disappointed, but they had to accept the failure and gather what remained of the robot. However, they didn’t give up, they went to the tomb of boxing robot secretly to get components of boxing robot and tried to build a complete robot by their own hands.

There was a cliff in the tomb of boxing robot. Max was careless and fell off the cliff. Luckily, there was an arm of an abandoned robot and the arm hook up Max and prevented him from falling into the deep hole below.

Charlie went down the cliff and saved Max from the dangerous situation. They found the abandoned robot was a ladder player, who could imitate other people’s motion. They digged the robot out from the mud and washed it.

The robot was not very strong but could endure lots of strikes, it could even imitate Max’s dancing movement. By the way, its name was Atom(亚当). At first, they went to a small underground fighting field and fight with another boxing robot.

The bet was that if Atom could keep standing until the second round, they could win the prize. Controlled by Max, Atom managed to stand in the 2nd round and they won.

Invitation for other matches came and one of them was a league match, the opponent was a robot with two head, who was controlled by some computer geek. Before the match, Charlie tough Atom some boxing techniques and during the match, he used voice to control Atom to attack its opponent’s weak point.

So they won again and managed to get the final round, to fight with Zeus(宙斯), the most powerful boxing robot of the time, who was controlled by a Japanese player. The final fight was very hard and Zeus fought quite well.

However, Atom played good defense and managed to stand up until the fight round. Since none of them knocked down each other, the final result was judged by points. Atom lost by very small difference. But he won the name of “the people’s champion(人民的冠军)” instead.

In the story, robots was very developed and could fight with each other like human boxers. Atom even had some kind of intelligence, it could imitate people’s movement, that is to say, it could run, walk and dance like human-being. In translation work, we also have Google Translation to help us like robots.

When we meet phrases other than English, like French or Greek, we can turn to Google Translation, it can translate the phrase perfectly. But for a whole sentence, the sequence of the translation might be wrong.

In SDLX, it also have auto-translation feature, the color of the machine translated sentences would be display by purple. And we also use online dictionaries to look up the strange word from articles, they could not only show the meaning of the world, by also give us Examples of its usage and audio and video contents about the word.

In a word, we are doing computer assisted translation. I hope in one day, computer could become even developed and could translate the whole sentence, then a translator’s job is to adapt the sentence and make it more suitable for certain culture environment.

I believe in the future, robot can become human being’s good friend and helping hand, and do more brain work for human being. The creative part would be left for human being to do instead of the boring memorizing part.