1. I have two murder mysteries that are selling very well in Kindle editions. Each is approximately 75-80,000 words, and they are in English. Would you know which language would be the most advantageous for translation? Would it be Spanish, Chinese, French?

2. What form would the translation take. In other words, would I receive the translation as a Word document, a PDF, or other format?

3. Would you prepare the manuscript in proper format for a Kindle reading device? What about the cover image. I would need the proper translation for the title, and also translation for the author biography, book description, things like that. Would you do that too?

Answer: First of all, get your eBooks go multilingual is a smart choice and I am sure you can double your selling figure, and earlier planning, earlier you can benefit from your book translation efforts. According to Internet Worlds Stats (see below), Chinese and Spanish are the two languages who have major Internet population apart from English. Japanese, German and French too will have the advantageous for translation considering the mature nature of these markets.

Kindle 3 support three formats: awz, Kindle’s own proprietary format; mobi (also called prc), and pdf. If you can provide the original book in Kindle, we can use tools such as Kindle API or Kindle Development Kit, to extract all those original text, including the title, author biography, book description etc. And after translating, we import the translated text back into Kindle, so that you can get a manuscript in translation version which are ready for read in Kindle.

We prefer mobi and pdf format since they are compatible with all three generations of Kindle reading device. Apart from Kindle format, we can also convert a copy of PDF version as final delivery. In summary, you just need to provide us with the very original format, we will seamlessly reproduce it into the target language you want in high quality. This is what we called Localization instead of pure translation.

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