Question: I would like to ask your opinion about a new project I have that has me a little overwhelmed. We are in the process of doing a complete re-design of our website. We are going to try to save the existing copy so we don’t incur too many new translation costs but the copy will be edited down quite a bit.

We are going through a new branding process so I am reassessing all of the content and layout of our product, market, service, company and education pages as well as adding some new end user content (best way to exercise on our equipment).

I am meeting with designers and a copy writer but they all want a wire frame (schematic) of the website to work with. I don’t have that type of document nor have I ever created one (nor would I have the time to create one!).

I was wondering if you had someone that we could contract to create a wire frame of our website if I were to send you the site map. Could you please let me know what you think of this type of project and if it’s feasible, how long it would take and what the cost would be to create?

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Answer: Thank you very much for your trust by offering the good opportunity to participate in your website re-design process. This is actually fitting in well with our expertise area.

After studying your needs and the estimated work scope with our team, I believe the following is what our team can be of help:

1. Create a website wireframe for your designer and copywriter as requested below. This is actually the first step of designing a website and we did 3 to 4 projects averagely every month. Attached please find one of our recent wireframe (prototype) work. Please feel free to review and let me know if this is what your designer and copywriter want.

For similar project, we usually can complete the wireframe work in one week. I believe we need several rounds of talk and feedback based on the understanding of your new branding process, so I believe 2-3 weeks will be needed for this stage. As for the cost, I will let you know after our team assessing all of the content and layout of your product, market, service, company and education pages

2. Since we have an experienced team of designers and programmers, I would like to take the chance to offer you an one-stop solution by taking up the full service of web design. Means we will study your needs and design a website with both the layout and functionality work well.

We can make countless modification until you are fully satisfied. Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you a questionnaire that need your input before working out a cost estimation based on the work scope and specification.

3. After the re-designed website is ready with the new content is finalized, we can help to translate the new site into multi languages in a cost efficient way. – We use Computer Aided Tool (CAT) to create and maintain a Translation Memory (TM) for your projects.

Are you looking for Website Translation? We are here for your assistance.

Every translation unit will be saved in TM. One time translated, multi-time used. Thus save your cost while enhancing quality and consistency. Actually for all translation projects you awarded to us during the past, we have already created and maintained a TM for you.

We need only run against the TM to pick up the repeated words and sentences and don’t have to translate them from scratch thus minimize your cost. For any materials that were not translated by our team, we can create a TM for you if you can provide both the source English text and the existing translation. We will charge you at hourly rate to create the TM. By doing so we can focus on your new and edited copy while saving the existing copy thus don’t incur too many new translation costs.

In general, with our ten years of experience in website localization, we are able to provide you with one-stop solution from website design to localization by closely working with your team. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions on above.

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