British media has recently coined a new term ‘Peking pound’ to tell the world that more and more Chinese are getting richer and richer. China is a ‘place-to-be’ for most big businesses now. How can your company advertise yourself among Chinese customers? Websites or online marketing is your top choice because there is a huge part of Chinese, especially young people and urban rich guys, who love and are accustomed to surfing on net.

With the advancing of smart phones and 3G technology, surfing online to click through websites is their habit now. Therefore, why not choose us to design and localize your Chinese version of websites? We believe once your catch this big opportunity, you will enjoy lots of profits.

We not only literally translate your websites into Chinese because we firmly believe that you are not gonna gain many benefits. Nowadays, Chinese people love novety, for example, they love fresh ideas and enjoy unique taste, whatever in choosing a mobile like Iphone 4 or HTC phone, or in rating online videos or events.

Based on special consumption concepts and hot and test-verified marketing strategies, CCJK loves to offer you the fashionable version of websites that are full of Chinese characteristics. If you also want to market your products online, we can be your preferred agent who can handle your work well. We love to bridge your company to Chinese market or particular customer group. In all, you and we will enjoy loving mutual relationship.

CCJK is experience at SEO(bring your potential Chinese customers to your websites), website features design(make your potential Chinese customers feel comfortable and even fall in love with your design), website content translation(quality translation integrates accuracy with live breath of the era of your potential Chinese customers), website content updating(once your need to update your products on websites, we can take this for you perfectly), investigation(we can conduct professional investigations about your recognition in Chinese market and improve your website until they satisfy your potential Chinese customers ) and activities planning(this can propel your identity recognition among your potential Chinese customers and even turn them into your loyal customers).

In addition, if your company has an office or branch in China that needs Chinese version of your annual report, we also can be your choice and loving to connect your headquarter with your branches, wherever it is, because we also offer localization between many popular or rare language pairs.

For popular language pairs, we have language pair of ‘from-English-to-Chinese’、‘from-French-to-Chinese’、‘from-Spanish-to-Chinese’、‘from-Portuguese-to-Chinese’、‘from-German-to-Chinese’、‘from-Italian-to-Chinese’、‘from-Korean-to-Chinese’、‘from-Japanese-to-Chinese’、‘from-Russian-to-Chinese’、‘from-Dutch-to-Chinese’、‘from-Arabic-to-Chinese’. For rare language pairs, we have language pair of ‘from-Ukrainian-to-Chinese’、‘from-Estonian-to-Chinese’、‘from-Malagasy-to-Chinese’、‘from-Dzongkha-to-Chinese’、‘from-Tigrinya-to-Chinese’、‘from-Bislama-to-Chinese’ and so on.

Anyway, if you want to gain profits in a new emerging market, you can contact our representatives and consult our professionals to acquire for specific strategies that can be applied to get your company adjusted to the relevant foreign market. We are always on your side.

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