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Question: We are working on a very large architectural proposal. This would be a critial bid to a large architecture planning project based in ShenZhen, China. Do you think can help by translating the propoal into a very native Chinese one.

We are not yet finished. Would you prefer to wait and receive the proposal when it is finished, or would you like to translate it in sections?

Answer: Due to the time-critical nature of the architectural proposals, our clients usually provide the text for translation section by section, which allow us to unhurriedly get familiar with the background of the project and accurately define those technical terminologies etc.

If there any update with the text, the client just need to highlight the changes (it could be easily done by using ‘track change’ function in Microsoft Word).

We will then follow the changes to update the translation quickly. This can avoid the rush job at the last minute which definitely affects the quality of the translation work. As you can estimate, the proposal need to be presented to the local parties, the quality of the translation is critical.

The translations need to be read like it was wrote by a native professional instead of a word-by-word architecture translation.

As you might have found, our company is based in Shenzhen China, we are familiar with the toponym and landform of the city, including the target town and its surrounding area.

We can make sure the translations read like t was wrote by a local professional also to be technically and grammatically accurate.

We understand the importance of confidentiality in the architecture and engineering consultancy industry. We takes confidentiality and security issues very seriously. All our resources, regardless internal or external, are bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement.

For any confidential documents from our client, we can always sign a confidential agreement before assignment.

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