Why Does Media Translation Require Super Craftsmanship?

Instead of pursuing utter conceptual exactness and terminological precision as technical and legal translations do, media translation focuses on the conveying of emotional sentiment and thus requires exceptional writing muscles in the target language.

Rather than being plain informative, most media content intend to resonate among the audience and ignite desired emotions in the public. And this particular feature requires translators of media content to be an adept literary writer in both languages they work with.

A piece of media copy aims to fully express the human thoughts beneath the words, and a wide variety of rhetorical skills are often employed to achieve the desired effect.

Hence, media content is the least likely subject that can be literally translated because the original material normally offers subtle difference in meaning from what it may seem.

In order to comprehensively translate a media copy, the translator has to possess a thorough understanding of the culture and social traditions where the original material is set in, which, together with the literary writing competence, compose the great craftsmanship essential to media translation.

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