1. General translation methods for preposition

1.1 Direct translation, that means the preposition own meaning is translated directly.

This controller system observes liquid level by means of a sensing plate.


1.2 conversion translation
a. (translated to be Verb)

Warm-blooded animals do not need to depend on the sun for body heat.


b. (to be conj.)

A valuable equipment may be damaged beyond repair in a few seconds of carelessness.


C. (to be noun.)

Smoke detectors located in each elevator body over the elevator call button.

d. (to be adj.)

The grouping of molecules around a given molecule changes continually.


Concrete slab paving will be provided throughout the enclosed boiler area.


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1.3 Omission Translation

Adverse to iron, mercury is in a liquid state at ordinary temperature.


The temperature in the combustion chamber was in excess of 2000℃ degrees.

燃烧室中的温度超过了 2000℃。

2. Preposition Phrase Translation

2.1 preposition phrase as adverbial

2.1.1 translated to be adverbial clause.

Ordinary movements would be impossible without friction available.

如果没有摩擦力,常见的活动就不可能进行。(adverbial clause of condition)

2.1.2 to be subject of the sentence

For small motors, a squirrel-cage rotor is used.


2.1.3 to be coordinate clauses

In a generator mechanical power is put in and electrical power is taken out, instead of electrical power going in and mechanical power coming out as in a motor.


2.2 preposition phrase as attribute

2.2.1 translated to be“的” structure in Chinese.

Documents for the World Wide Web are written in HTML.

万维网的文件是用 HTML(超文本标记语言)编写而成的。

2.2.2translated to be verb-object structure

“noun + of + noun” structure, the first noun is derivate by a vt.

Well, let’s compare two translation results.

Fluid sand process has found application in the production of large steel castling.

流态砂法已经用于生产大型钢铁铸件。(verb-object structure)
流态砂法已经用于大型钢铁铸件的生产。(“的” structure)

The choice of a suitable rubbing surface for frictional measurement is not always easy.

要选一个合适的摩擦面进行摩擦测定并不总是容易做到的。(verb-object structure)
一个合适的摩擦面的选择进行摩擦测定并不总是容易做到的。(“的” structure)

The above methods are commonly used in our actual translation task. Next time, we will discuss eighteen prepositions translation (under, about, after, around, in, into, with, without……).

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