How to improve translation speed, or how to improve the speed and ensure the quality of translation? It has been one of the hottest issues in the field of translation.

First, translators should do their own familiar field, can’t to translated the information which they not sure of. During cross-discipline, they should refer the professional dictionary or consult the experts, can not only a layman but to truly understand the basic principles of the material, even if it is a translation of the information contained in their own specialty to be very careful to translate to achieve a professional level. In general, after translated an material, the translator should be the experts in this field.

一.Grasp the background data

Before translate a material, the customer will provide some relevant background information, such as translation requirement, style,glossary, references, and so on. The translator must first become familiar with these data in order to proceed with the translation.

二.Minimize the understanding time of material

Before translate, you should read through the articles, and understand it, then make the original entry platform to see it again, to deepen understanding, based on the understanding of words and meaning entry. Certainly, the step of understanding can be omitted.

Read through the original, the original has been a general impression, the next job is to check the words recorded words need not in the platform before the entry vocabulary original to see it again or several times, because the multi-words Generally speaking, would help correct understanding.

Of course, the encounter more difficult to understand the manuscript, the place where do not understanding you can see many times, after all, the correct understanding is a prerequisite for translation. If the whole article is very long, you can just browse, but the premise is to be familiar with the background information of the material.

三.To develop the habit of making glossary in any time

In general, entry words, when we are inclined to the original entry of a relatively high frequency words meaning, while the low-frequency words in the text are given little attention, which is undesirable.

Versatility strong patent vocabulary, a vocabulary in a patent once, may occur several times in a separate patent, which means that each vocabulary has the potential of high-frequency words, entry meaning the time, so we should not ignore the emergence of only one or two terms, especially those difficult to check the hard to understand, and we often encounter the vocabulary to express.

Non-patented process, for example, appear less frequently in the text, but we do manuscripts or life will always be the vocabulary of the long term, the entry system will greatly reduce the time for translation.

For example: “In recent years, we often encounter the words” in recent years “, input only once we can once and for all. Some sense of the word is broad, the entry can be entered several explanations and word form, the specific choice of words depends on personal preference. And we should have much patient to make the glossary in any time.

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四.Collect vacabulary

Normally, we can put some useful terminology sites collection in our favorites for.


When we completely a work check at least one time. Some errors in translation is inevitable, then check in order to ensure the quality of translation, translation is necessary. Recommended that each finished a check, strike while the iron is hot, try to reduce the error to a minimum. Inspection time would be fast because he had just translated manuscripts are more familiar with each one to check up to one minute can be completed, time spent on the check day will not exceed half an hour, than in all the manuscripts do after completing the inspection time a lot less. So responsible, not only the manuscript is also responsible for their own level of translation in the eyes of the reviewers, but also respect the hard work of the reviewers expressed.