Translation practice involves many kinds of risks such as cost estimate, resources reserve, production quality, production capability, payment terms etc. How to good control of these factors are becoming obviously important.

With the rapid development of globalization, translation business like other industrials flourishing quickly around the world, as long as one computer in hand, global business is no longer a barrier to us, we can transaction business with everyone in any place and want to do any time, it is so simple and easy for us, that is also called global e-business.

Instead of face to face with clients in business, we never know who they are in the other side of the computer, therefore the pre-development of client, is also a kind of the establishment of the trust. In the training of this trust, we will begin to pay attention to the risk control and provide a basis for future long-term cooperation.

In the front of big customers, how to not fail and make a deal, it will depend upon our previous risk control, let me take an example to description for this.

Translation needs: Russian to Tagalog translation. The cost should be no more than USD 0.13 per source word.

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When we got this enquire, we should think first who will be suitable for this project, obviously it is Tagalog native speakers who are major in Russian will be the best. After a round of selecting, we found that this language pair, it is very scarce resource, some of our colleagues suggest we should first translate into English, then from English to Tagalog, although this can be done, but after careful consideration, we found this will cause a lot of potential risk for long-term cooperation such as:

1) Quality risk: if not a direct translation, because every translators have their own understanding that will have different translation style, if we first translate into English, then translate into Tagalog, that will be not accurate because indirect translation may change the meaning of source content.

2) Cost risk: we should good control our cost according to client target price, if we choose indirection translation, all processes will be doubled, so our cost will increase a lot, in such kind of case, it is not the best choice.

3) Deadline risk: This is for some urgent projects, if the client only give us one day delivery, it will be hard for us to meet their needs if we choose to use indirection translation.

For above reasons, we choose the direction translation for long-term cooperation.From this case, we can see how important of risk control in the pre-development of translation business.

We should consider all details clearly and make a right decision which is the best for long-term cooperation. Learn to complex things simple and consider issues for long-term, it will help you gain a lot of valuable clients.

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