How to find clients?” When a new sales joined in this area will ask this question. There are some good suggestions will be given from co-workers who have been doing translation business for a very longtime. Maybe other ones method it is very good but not very suitable for you, we will try to find the most important and effective way that useful for yourself.

There will be many attempts in the beginning because you don’t know which one it is the best. You try to represent yourself in many kinds of network, enriching your personal information on the Internet to get more attention from unknown friends.

Try expanding your network of contacts and get more new friends from the old ones, just like a saying goes “ make friends before doing business”, only making more friends in this industry, more job opportunities will be waiting for you.

You also can try to get the client contact information from database and send email one by one, the database should be valuable before we using it. Because we don’t know which email it is the potential customer contact information and which one is not, so we should send every emails avoid missing some.

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Maybe there is no reply from the beginning when you sent lots of emails out, even receive enquiries from some clients, there is no further information get back to you when you help them do the sample test, the discourage and frustration will hover around you, please keep in mind never give up at this moment, maybe you sent out 50 sales letters will receive 3 or 5 feedbacks from clients, it is true for email marketing and it sounds like a lasting war when you choose this method, as long as you stick to do so, there will be a large order waiting for you.

Throughout all walks of life, translation needs everywhere, efforts to try to find the end customers by investigation, we can try to start from a certain industry such as medical or legal or IT or tourism, try to find CEO or Manager contact information, maybe one day you will run into a big order.

Find the right way and try to do it by yourself, once developed to the client, you will feel an unprecedented sense of accomplishment. Development of customer is also a learning process, only experience more, you will become a successful sales.

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