Summary of Portugal and Its Language:

Portugal is the westernmost country of Europe. Bordered by Spain, the only one neighboring country of Portugal, to the north and east and by Atlantic Ocean to the west and south, Portugal boasts of many breathtakingly beautiful tourist spots where you can easily find spectacular views of Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, Portugal has been always a must-see place to enjoy glorious ocean views.

Portugal is a member of the European Union and a founding member of the European Monetary Union (EMU). As a developed country, Portugal has a very high human development index and a strong healthcare system. Portugal is a catholic country with almost 85% of the Portuguese population being Roman Catholic.

When speaking of Portugal, we also need to mention the Portuguese cuisine that is particularly well-known for its seafood, meat, vegetable dishes and wines. For Portuguese wines, the history of winning the international recognition can be dated to as early as Roman Empire.

Nowadays, Portugal is known by wine lovers and its wines have won many international prizes. Famous Porto produced in the Douro Valley is considered to be one of the best red wines in the world.

Portuguese is the official language of Portugal. As Portugal established a colonial and commercial empire worldwide in the 15th and 16th centuries, Portuguese spread widely. Nowadays, Portuguese is also spoken as the official language in many countries such as Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, etc.

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