In international news reports, the English news translation occupied a large proportion. In English News, “the title is deemed to be an abbreviation of the full story”, in order to attract readers, editors often use a variety of rhetorical strategy, and strive to make the news headlines more attractive.

This bring great challenges for English Translator, who need to mobilize all kinds of translation means, try their best to rephrase the meaning and style of the original title in Chinese.

Therefore, three aspects should be taken into account : an accurate understanding of the title, especially understand the deeper meaning through the literal meaning; Exert Chinese characteristics in non-misconstrue precondition, in order to enhance the readability of translation; While missing the cultural background, pay attention to the acceptability of the translation.

I. Add notes in translation

English newspapers headlines tend to cater to the reading’s needs of their homeland readers, and because of the different habit of thinking with Chinese, English News Headlines expression is different with the Chinese.

People may not be familiar with the relevant information, the expression, the cultural background and knowledge and does not meet the reading habits of readers, thus we should make necessary modifications, Delete or increase.

Even though the news headlines can be easily understand, we still need add some information, such as the place where it happened, in Short, the supplementary should facilitate reader’s understanding, avoid any misunderstanding.

II. Reproduce the original rhetorical

Many news headlines attract eyeballs not only for its simple and refined and discreet, but also through various rhetorical skills, effectively convey some subtle information, and readers can enjoy the beauty in righteousness, sound, form and other aspects.

Therefore, the translation should as far as possible to reflect the original rhetorical features, such as puns, metaphor, rhyme, to make the translation match the original, allowing the reader to get almost the same feeling with the original readers.

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III. Balance the translation

Sometimes, when the English title or because of rhetorical method, or due to cultural and language differences, it’s difficult to express its subtle sense in Chinese, then we can translate a proper Chinese title according to literal meaning of the English title, combined with news content.

While we use this method, should refer to the characteristics of Chinese and Chinese news headlines, different syntax rhetorical expression, in order to achieve the best results.

Increase words to get full sentence meaning. English title tends to “accentuation”, do not pay attention to everything. In addition, since English words consist of a number of letters, the title generally has few words. These two made English news headlines refined and brief.

Chinese news headlines focus on “comprehensive”, and every single Chinese word has a single meaning, Herein Chinese title’s wording is relatively more. In view of this, the we can combined the characteristics of the Chinese news headlines, add some words appropriately to make the title both form and meaning more complete.