Mechanical translation is very popular in the translation industry. In these months, we also have handled many mechanical translation projects. While doing Mechanical translation, you not only need to master the language translation of knowledge, but also understand the translation industry expertise, have a certain technical skills understanding for Mechanical translation, such as casting, casting, stamping, welding, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, powder metallurgy, measuring and testing and other related knowledge should have a certain understanding in order to better whom provide services to customers. In order to improve the work efficiency of the Mechanical translation can come from the following focus.

Some notes for the Mechanical translation:

1. Mechanical translation technology skills

Any work in the field are certain techniques and methods. For mechanical translation is no exception, in the process of Mechanical translation translator mastery of the language translation process only the most basic requirements as a qualified interpreter to a wide range of professional knowledge in the field of translation , only on the basis of understanding and applications to be able to accumulate some translation skills.

For example: a customer to do the translation of mechanical design. If you are mechanical components, machinery commonly used operating instructions, routine maintenance knowledge, knowledge of mold design, design principles modular design knowledge some time to master, that I believe you translate it will be handy. Mastery of technical skills for us to improve the work efficiency. This is as all learning people should know that.

2. The Mechanical translation application of professional standards

Machinery production country has done many of the provisions of professional standards. GB standard, JB standard the JJC standard, HG standard JG standard, YS standard. Among the different standards and targeted the provisions, such as Take GB standard in terms of standard GB 6994-1986 ship electrical equipment general provisions GB6587.8-1986 electronic measuring instruments of power frequency voltage test and other relevant standards.

As a translator cannot put so many standards down, professional staff cannot say is to write down all of the standard. Do not remember it does not matter, but if you used this knowledge must know where to query for translation translator speaking.

3. The professional foreign language vocabulary accumulation

It is also convenient for individuals an effective way for translators in terms of. Do Mechanicaltranslation, and some may encounter small language translation work, then the importance of professional vocabulary development embodied particularly evident. For interpreters speaking, to do the translation, we must develop a good habit: accumulation translation vocabulary.

4. The professional literature study

For the machinery industry in terms of the translation class files, they have to do most of them about products. The professional literature reference at this time is very much, so many of the text comes from the literature, have a general understanding of References for the translation work to bring some convenience.

Hope we can do more and more mechanical translation projects and will do better and better!

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