Under the influence of traditional Chinese culture, people are used to expressing thoughts, ideas and opinions in a euphemistic way in communication, therefore, people prefer to use pun in advertising of commodity which can not only convey information directly, but also express the deep meaning with subtle euphemism.

For example: a Breast Product advertising slogan “从小到大的关怀。” In people’s subconscious, the more taboo direct reference to female body parts, so the advertising had taken a subtle and elegant expression to promote the effectiveness of their products, thus people seeking to meet the subtle aesthetic psychology, it is also willing to accept. Examples of similar items are more common in women’s slogan, such as: “女大十八变,丰韵看得见”and a Breast Product advertising slogan ““没什么大不了的”.

One of the essences of traditional Chinese culture is the thought of “home and Country” the love and deep emotion on the “home and country” have been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Therefore, advertisers often make use of the thought of “home and Country” promote their products there are many examples such as: Chinese toothpaste slogan“四十年风尘岁月,中华在我心中。

”The advertisement words take advantage of double meaning of the character “中华””Chinese” in promoting its brand, and also express a patriotic feeling, which meet the psychology of people who love their motherland. China Telecom also has a very beautiful advertising slogan on long-distance telephone: “千里音缘一线牵。”“音缘” is symphonious to “姻缘”。

Good marriage and love is what people long for. With the help of people’s psychology of seeking sweet love and the pursuit of happiness, the promotion of the product will achieve great success. Similar examples are the advertisement language of “万家乐”: “爱使万家乐”; the advertising slogan of “华帝”: “洒向人间都是爱” The above two slogans can arouse the subconscious awareness of pursuit of love, which make the customers moved by the advertisement, then the effectiveness is self-evident.

The ultimate goal of advertisements is to promote sales. The public service advertisement as well, is also selling a perception, so the consumer and the market should be linked closely when we work hard on the language use, employing the rhetoric device flexibly.

The paper has studied the type and function of pun working as common rhetorical devices in advertising language above. A good advertisement should fully take into account the psychology of consumer awareness, cultural background and customs in practice, making use of pun naturally.

In the process of showing the charm of language, the advertisers can also make profit. From the examples listed above, you may got a simple idea of translation with advertising with cultural connotation. hope you can put this into practice.

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