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Bringing a movie or TV show to a new international audience is more than just translating the text. It needs to adapt text, images, cultural references and sounds to fit the wants and needs of a different viewership.

Network buzzwords frequently appeared in the Chinese subtitles of foreign movie with a great flood of power at the moment. Monsters University is the latest typical case. The funny animated monsters in the movie bring people into endless aftertastes. The movie also sets the box office record for the Pixar in hinterland. But the abuse of network popular languages generated much controversy.

Monster University is the prequel of the 2001 classic animated cartoon Monsters Inc.. The story dates back to the collage years of the protagonists, where they need to further study skills to scare little children.

Many funny phases of these “scare commissioners” in this movie make people laugh loudly. At the same time, there are lots of network popular words penetrate into the Chinese subtitle, such as “吓二代”,“坑爹”,“走你”,“吊丝逆袭”,“草根”,“刷夜”and so on.

Everyone has his or her own impression on this translation.

In recent years, more and more network buzzwords penetrate into the Chinese subtitles of imported films. Generally speaking, more people depreciate the phenomena. For example the  “Les Miserables” in this first half year, its translation are considered “no flavor and mistranslation lot”; So is “Pacific Rim”, the film lines in English means “elbow rocket”, and on the mainland version of Chinese subtitles become a “Pegasus Meteor Fist.”

And “Pacific Rim” “Pegasus Meteor Fist,” “Men in Black 3” “forever and sometimes do, sorrow was everlasting” subtitles users Tucao was compared to the “Monsters University,” the Chinese subtitles deliberately ground gas, on the whole did not provoke the audience too much resentment, but also mixed. “Subtitling quite out of color, pit father, brush the night, hanging wire counter-attack, Hao mean dean vivid place!”

Favorite of the audience with respect, subtitles make the movie very ground gas, interesting. The audience does not like to use buzzwords such networks complain too nondescript, affecting emotional films and input from aliens or monsters mouth and say it, it sounds a bit awkward.

Regarding these subtitle translation which deliberately to please the audience, the industry said, “The use of network language in the light comedy translation, sometimes indeed reaches the finishing touch. But the blind pursuit of buzzwords to a widespread everywhere makes people want to cry.”

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